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Unidisplay / 2020
From white noise Analysis

    White noise refers to sounds that mask other sounds that might occur naturally in an environment.
If you live in  a city, for example, white noise could help block out noises associated with traffic.
It is a voice suggestion that nature gives us. It can bring peace and help us to calm down.

This magazine and visual analysis video attempts to explore more possibilities for white noise perception
from a visual perspective. Based on the audio-visual synesthesia, using the changes in the abstract geometrical relationship in the plane composition, visually shaping the imagery world of the voice for the viewer,
and finally unifying the physical and emotional sounds.

EP design / 2020
From Thunder Viusalization 

    It is hoped that this EP design will give whiter noise a richer audio-visual experience, and advocate people to pay
more attention to the individual's inner spiritual experience, while at the same time gain insight into the subtle changes
in the environment.

Visualization poster / 2020



Edition 1
2019-2020 ++

  2. Futurista
  3. CHAJI  
  5. Simply Sip Tea
  6. COVID 19
  7. Metamorphosis Newspaper
  8. Modern Slave
  10. VGOD


  1. My name is Lisa Li, a junior graphic designer graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art. With my professional marketing and branding experience, I pursue a timely, communicative, and effective manner in my work. Embracing contemporary and fashionable designs in branding, websites, and UI/UX, I want to use my designs to adapt a multitude of social and cultural values in order to make them be more universal, applicable, and appropriate.